Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Future of Video Gaming

I've been an avid video gamer for a long time - for as long as I can remember, ever since my parents bought me an Acorn Electron and there were family competitions to see who could get the furthest in Chuckie Egg (a brilliant game in it's time, but not quite as fun to revisit later on).  Throughout all of the time I've mostly been able to keep up with new gaming platforms and PCs enabling me to play the latest and greatest games...

Looking to the future I'm very excited about the possibilities that the Oculas Rift ( along with the peripheral products that are going to compliment the Virtual Reality revolution that almost seems upon us.

I can't wait for the first day I'll be able to run through an MMO driven world with friends using the Virtuix ( combined with the the Rift, Teamspeak and one of the many options for controls that are coming along (although none (yet) quite look look right).

Here's to a very exciting future!